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Polyandry Place: Hotwife on the Hunt!

Polyandry Place: Hotwife on the Hunt!: My husbands and I had nice talk last night about me meeting another man. Both are hoping I will soon and have some hotwife fun. I decided to...

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Wife doubleteamed by her boyfriend and new boyfriend

Preface- First let me say I was not there, I stayed home while the guys took her to dinner, then to her new boyfriend's apartment. I am simply turning what I was told happened into a story. Both guys called me right after it happened and gave me details, and when I decided to make it into a story, I spoke to both in even more detail today as well as my wife (who still doesn't say much about it except "ask the guys").

Melinda's Two Boyfriends

After Melinda, Jason, and Steve finished dinner, they went to Steve's apartment to have some fun. As Jason drove, Melinda called her husband Tommy from her cell.

"We finished dinner and we're going to Steve's apartment now" she told him.

Tommy, sitting home alone and surfing the internet while watching a movie replied, "Nice sweetheart. Have a good time, okay? And hey, let me talk to Jason for a moment" he added.

Melinda handed her long time boyfriend the phone, but didn't pay much attention as he and her husband, also her husband's coworker, talked business momentarily. Instead, she focused on getting to know her new boyfriend and made small talk with Steve the rest of the way to the apartment.

As soon as they entered the apartment, the guys didn't waste any time. All three of them knew what they were there for, and there was an anxious husband waiting to hear what happened. They kicked off their shoes and moved to the middle of the living room floor. Melinda, an Asian woman standing at 4'11'', looked up at her 6'00'' and 6'1'' Caucasian lovers.

Jason grabbed Melinda, kissed her, then reached down and pulled her dress over her head and tossed it on the living room floor. Her dark brown nipples, perched atop her tiny, light brown 32a tits, were already hard and exposed since she wasn't wearing a bra, and begged to be sucked.

Jason leaned down and put Melinda's right nipple into his mouth and began to suck. As Melinda closed her eyes and leaned her head back, Steve walked around in front of her and began sucking on her left.

After a few minutes Jason removed his mouth and looked over at Steve. "Why don't you take off her panties?" he asked.

Steve popped Melinda's tit out of his mouth, then put his fingers into the tiny waistband of her panties and pushed them to the floor. After she stepped out of them, he picked them up and looked at them for a brief moment.

"Mind if I keep these, Melinda?" he asked. "Your husband will love you coming home without any panties."

Melinda nodded yes as Jason moved behind her and wrapped his arms around her torso underneath her armpits. "Grab her legs man" he told Steve.

Steve did, and they carried Melinda into the bedroom and tossed her onto Steve's bed.

"Sure you are ready for this, Melinda?" Jason asked her as he spread her legs wide.

"Yah, I'm ready" she giggled.

Jason motioned to Melinda's pussy as he looked at Steve. "It's all yours, at least right now" he laughed.

Steve chuckled, then got between Melinda's legs and began to kiss her stomach. Slowly, he kissed downward until he was at her clit, then he began to kiss, suck, and lick it. Jason removed his clothes and moved up to Melinda's upper body. As she moaned, she reached out and took Jason's seven and a half inch cock in her hand and began to stroke it.

After it was rock hard, Jason moved forward and put it to her lips, then slowly moved it into her mouth. As Steve continued to eat her pussy, Melinda sucked Jason for several minutes, then Jason spoke up.

"I'm ready to fuck her" he said. "Mind if I go first?"

Steve leaned up and moved to the other side of Melinda's upper body, then did as Jason had done and leaned forward as she took his seven inch cock with a thick red head in her mouth. As she sucked him, Jason pressed his cock head to her soaking wet pussy and began to insert it.

"I'll fuck her slow while she blows you" he told Steve.

"Thanks man" Steve laughed, "I don't want her to bite me."

Jason pushed his way into Melinda, who moaned and worked on Steve's cock.

"Oh God, you are a great sucker" he told her. "Damn Jason, you're lucky, if she sucks your cock like this all the time!"

"She does" Jason replied.

After a couple of minutes, Steve pulled back and removed his cock from Melinda's mouth. "Damn, I can't take anymore" he panted. "She's going to make me cum."

"Then cum!" Jason yelled. "We have all night, she'll get you hard again. Just enjoy it."

Steve took a deep breath and moved his cock back into Melinda's mouth. Less than two minutes later, he moaned loudly.

"I'm going to cum!" he yelled.

Melinda grabbed his shaft and pulled it out of her mouth, then aimed it toward her chest as she stroked it. Cum shot out all over her brown flesh, and at the same time, Jason began to pump faster.

After Steve came, he rolled over and sat next to Melinda's head. "Thank you" he told her.

Melinda smiled, but as she was saying "You're welcome", Jason popped his dick out and flipped her over on her stomach. "This is Melinda's favorite position" he told Steve.

Jason began to fuck Melinda with everything he had. Melinda, as always, moaned and yelped with each thrust of his large cock into her tiny hole. Eventually she began to cum, and as juice squirted from her pussy and onto Steve's sheets, Steve's cock became rock hard again. He rolled on a condom he had sitting next to the bed on the nightstand.

"I want to fuck her" he told Jason. "I got the condom, since I'm not officially a full time boyfriend. YET."

Jason pulled out and nodded. "Fuck away" he laughed.

Steve moved behind Melinda, then mounted her in the same position as Jason. As his cock thrust in and out, Melinda pushed out another squirting, juicy orgasm, and screamed in delight.

Steve fucked Melinda for several minutes, then rolled her over and stuffed his cock back in, and fucked her for nearly another half hour straight.

Jason watched and waited patiently for Steve to cum, but the moment never happened. "Damn man, my turn again!" he laughed.

Steve pulled out and scooted out of the way as Jason jumped to the floor and flipped Melinda back on her stomach. Then he pulled her off the bed, and pushed her so she was bent over the side.

Jason poked his cock back in and fucked Melinda for nearly 30 minutes himself, as Steve rested, and eventually needed to cum himself.

"I cum in her pussy most of the time" he told Steve. Then he grunted and released his huge, built up load into her.

Melinda came again twice during Jason's deep thrusting, but she wasn't allowed any recovery time after he finished. As soon as he removed his cock, Steve grabbed her and pulled her up on the bed to her hands and knees.

"Time for a doggie fuck" he laughed.

Melinda panted fiercely as Steve moved behind her. "HOLY SHIT!" he exclaimed as he pointed to Melinda's backside, where Jason's cum was boiling out of her hole in globs and dripping to the mattress.

"What?" Jason laughed. "Afraid of a little cum?"

"Hell no" Steve replied. "I've just never seen so much. But I'm fucking that pussy, filled with cum or not."

Jason laughed. "Man, you sound like her HUSBAND."

Steve poked his meat into Melinda in the doggie position and began to thrust with all his might. Again, then again, Melinda came and pussy juice squirted from her and down her legs and onto the sheets.

"This chick really drenches your balls, doesn't she?" Steve ask Jason.

"Always" Jason replied.

After at least forty five minutes of fucking Melinda again, Steve once again had to cum. He eventually pulled out, yanked off the condom, and then jacked his second load onto Melinda's ass and back.

Melinda fell forward and as Jason grabbed her foot, she fought to catch her breath. "Hold it, hold on" she heaved, "I need a break. I can't breathe."

Jason had heard that from her a thousand times before, but since it was her first time with two men of his caliber, instead of doing like he usually does and jumping back on her, he decided to let her rest.

The three sat silent on the bed for a few moments before Steve finally spoke up. "Damn, do you two fuck like this every time?" he asked.

"Every time" Jason laughed as he replied.

Steve shook his head in disbelief, and as the new guy, waited on Jason or Melinda to hint when it was time to start back again.

After a few more minutes, Jason finally spoke up.

"Let's go" he said as he jumped off the bed and pulled Melinda to the floor standing in front of him with her back facing his stomach.

"Grab her legs, pull them up, and fuck her" he told Steve.

Steve took out another condom, rolled it on, then jumped to the floor and did as Jason instructed. Then as Jason held her upper body, Steve held her legs high and poked his cock in.

They fucked like that for several minutes, then Steve pulled out, they flipped Melinda around, and Jason took his turn. After several minutes, and two more times each, Steve put Melinda back on the bed then climbed up and laid on his back.

"Ride me?" he asked.

Melinda climbed on and grinded on Steve's cock as Jason laid next to him. After a few minutes, Jason patted her leg and pointed to his cock. "My turn" he said.

Melinda moved over and rode Jason's cock until he released another big orgasm into her. As she rode him, Steve removed his condom and she reached over and jacked him off, until he took shot another load.

The night went on, with both of them taking turns with Melinda, for another three and a half to four hours, until both guys were unable to maintain an erection, and Melinda was so sore she could barely move.

They laid around on the bed for a while before eventually getting dressed, short of Melinda not having any panties to put on.

"Time to call her husband" Jason said to Steve. "We both have a lot to tell him."

"Yah" Steve replied. "Yah we do."

A short time later, Melinda arrived home, totally exhausted and completely lethargic in her mood. As she walked in the door, Tommy smiled.

"Damn guys" he said. "What did you two do to my wife? She's a mess! She's a zombie!"

"Let us tell you" Jason laughed.

Tommy sat Melinda next to him on the couch, and as Jason and Steve began to tell him about what his wife had done with them, he unzipped his pants and removed his cock. He leaned Melinda over, put it in her mouth, and listened to their experience as she lightly sucked it, but mostly just held it in her mouth.

After a few minutes, and everything had been explained, Tommy laid Melinda down on the floor, flipped up her dress, and climbed on top of her.

"Where's her panties?" he laughed as he stuck his cock inside her soaked, cum filled hole.

Tommy fucked Melinda with everything he had, but there was absolutely no response. She laid there, legs spread with her husband pumping away at full speed inside her, without making a sound or moving a muscle.

Getting more turned on with every thrust that didn't incite the tiniest of reactions, Tommy pumped faster and faster. "Oh my God guys" he panted, "You totally wore my wife out. God her pussy is sloppy!"

"This will take about a minute and a half, max" Jason laughed.

Steve chuckled, but didn't respond. Even though he had fucked Tommy's wife twice that day, he didn't know Tommy that well. He cut his eyes to Tommy, then back to Jason.

"It's okay" Jason told him. "He knows the way it is."

Tommy grunted, then came inside his wife, who still laid there motionless.

"See, I told you" Jason laughed.

"Ha ha" Tommy said sarcastically as he stood up off his wife.

The three of them laughed, then Tommy had her boyfriends carry her to the bed for him. They tucked her in, still covered and filled with their cum, then Tommy saw them to the door.

"Thanks guys" he told them. "I love those sloppy seconds. Thirds. Haha. Hope to get more soon."

Both Jason and Steve nodded. "We know you will, man" they laughed.

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A Ghost on Twitter? A Matchmaker Ghost?

Is this an idea for a TV show?... or is it a Real Ghost trying to find a man for His Wife?

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